Getting to Paris Ile-de-France

Your arrival by train in Paris

Depart at high speed for a magical trip!

The Eurostar brings you into the heart of the Paris region. Arrive in the blink of an eye with direct trains from London, Ebbsfleet, Ashford and soon Stratford.

Once in Paris, all stations are located in the heart of the city and, to make your life easier, the bus and metro stations are located directly in front of or underneath them.

Set off on a fast, comfortable and beneficial journey taking advantage of numerous onboard services: depending on the train, you can enjoy restaurant cars, baby areas with a changing table and bottle warmer, special access for the disabled, etc. Without forgetting staff who are always ready to listen to you. Please note: some trains are now Wifi-enabled.

To make it easier to plan your journey and reserve your tickets, SNCF has a vast network of sales points in France and abroad. You can also book your tickets online in complete safety.

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Your arrival by road

Five major motorways cross France enabling you to reach Paris in a few hours.

Discover the many sides to the country by choosing to travel by road. If car journeys mean freedom, in France, they also mean tranquillity: the motorway network, which is subject to tolls across most of the country, offers many opportunities to stop for a relaxing or gastronomic break.

Rest areas, play areas, sport, relaxation, and even shows are on offer in the lay-by areas during the summer. You can therefore set off again rested, improving safety.

This is one of the commitments of French roads: provision of quality facilities, speed limits obeyed by drivers, a dedicated radio station, Autoroute FM (107.7), to find out about the state of the traffic live… Everything is done to ensure that your journey is safe and pleasant and that you arrive at your destination in good shape!

The signposting also makes tourists’ life easier. French roads have numerous information panels, particularly indicating speed limits: 130km/h when the weather is dry (110 in rain) on motorways, 90, 80 or 70km/h depending on the roads and 50km/h in built-up areas.

Let yourself be guided to Paris, which you will enter via the périphérique (orbital road): a fast 35km-long road allowing you to circle the capital. There are 30 "portes" (gates) serving the various districts of Paris: an effective solution for quickly reaching the place you are staying.

If you do not want to drive in Paris, you can leave your car in one of the car parks located on the edges of the périphérique, then travel into Paris by metro!

Alternative to the car: the coach. Various companies offer departures from all over Europe.

Your arrival by plane

Land in Paris via Charles de Gaulle or Orly

With its two international airports, Orly, south of Paris, and Charles de Gaulle to the north, the capital is very easy to get to: just 1hr 20 mins from London.

Paris is a destination served by many airlines, particularly Air France. Reservation and ticket purchase online, easy boarding… Once you have purchased your ticket, the company takes care of everything! The airports are also equipped with booths for disabled people to call for assistance and they are welcomed as soon as they arrive at the airport and accompanied to their plane, and vice versa.

The terminals, meanwhile, provide ultramodern areas to wait and relax. During summer weekends, the Paris airports give lessons in massage, cookery and dance as well as beauty and aromatherapy workshops... Comfort, safety and tranquillity are at hand, both in the air and on the ground… Until you get to Paris, which you can reach quickly by taking a shuttle, bus, taxi or the RER .

If you are a budget airline customer, you may land at the airport in Beauvais, a town located 1hr 15 mins from Paris. To reach the capital, a shuttle service organized to fit in with flight times will take you there you for €15.

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