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Musée du quai Branly

Treasures from Africa, Oceania and the Americas in an astonishingly modern architectural structure: a winning bet for the Quai Branly Museum.


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A few feet from the Eiffel Tower, discover the Quai Branly Museum: a collection of art and artefact from African, Asian, Oceanic and American civilisations, re-untied for the first time under the same roof. In a vast, open space, let yourself be guided into the cultural universe of these continents as you admire the Oceanic masks, the Asian costumes or the African instruments. The installations blend music, photographs, multimedia and films to help you understand the objects.

In addition to the original temporary exhibitions, the museum is also a reference among the Parisian cultural centres. Traditional and modern concerts are regularly offered, as well as dance performances.

With its 800 m² vegetation wall, its architecture on stilts and its imposing orange and yellow cubes, the Quai Branly Museum has won world recognition for its creator, Jean Nouvel. A contemporary structure, draped in greenery, blends perfectly with the museum gardens.

When the night falls, admire the lake-light: a man-made lake, lit from the water by a dozen, small fluorescent tubes.

End you visit with a meal at one of the trendiest tables in Paris, Les Ombres, and enjoy equitable commerce products with a modern world cuisine... and best of all a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower.


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