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The castle of Versailles


Far from the agitation of the tourists, discover the other Versailles. With its beautiful boutiques and top notch restaurants, this city is worth the detour !


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Follow the route up and down, up your desire.


Le Château de Versailles


Versailles is also a city! Discover the creators of Notre-Dame, stroll through the cobblestone streets of the Saint-Louis district or admire the equestrian performance set to baroque music, while eating fruit from the King's garden... Versailles, as a city, offers a refined voyage to the art of fine living.
Passivi Thé

Market, Antiques and Designer Workshops

Begin with a walk past the early risers at the Notre-Dame Market. From the Right Bank of the SNCF train station, you can enter by the rue Maréchal Foch. Underneath the iron and stone halls, the market is a temple of refinement with more than 300 stalls, in the heart of 'the golden triangle' of Versailles. Browse from one stand to another: the magnificent presentation of the products will make your mouth water.  As you leave, take the time for a quick tea or coffee on one of the numerous bistro terraces. You will surely meet some very lively and picturesque people.
From the market, head towards the passage de la Geôle. Hunt at your leisure for that rare treasure among the antique watches, paintings, sculptures, books and even toys... This former wine cellar, built in 1677, has the reputation for being one of the best antique markets in the West of Paris.
A bit further on, at number 7 of the rue des Deux Portes, you will find a charming courtyard. In her workshop-boutique, Pauline Pin sells her own handbag creations, as well as clothes by trendy designers like Vanessa Bruno. On your way out, have a look at the tea-room, Passivi Thé, on your right. The sculpted iron decor and the boxes of tea suspended from the ceiling constitute an invitation to travel. On Saturdays, poetry lovers come by for a drink.  For an authentic encounter, meet Allison, an American stylist with bright blue eyes.  An absolute must! In her boutique Kentucky Rain (25 rue de la Paroisse), Allison speaks of the « city side »  of Versailles with passion. Amateur of vintage clothing since her childhood, this architectural student creates accessories, handbags and hats in delicate, original fabrics. Don't get the wrong idea about the name. Kentucky Rain is not a reference to her American heritage, but rather her favourite Elvis Presley song!
When exiting the boutique, have a good look at the floor: on a drainpipe, a mysterious artist has painted a small round head with a dreamy look. If you look carefully, you will find several others on the walls and pavements of the city.
Looking for a good spot for lunch? In the heart of Versailles, the Aparthé, across from the Notre-Dame church, will make you feel « at home » in this warm restaurant, complete with a parakeet and soft sofas. The meat hails from Argentina and Germany and the boxes of tea from Mariage Frères propose a different nectar each day: read the blackboard for the daily flavour. This popular meeting place is nearly always full.
Should you not be able to find a table at Aparthé, nothing to it, try the Brasserie du Théâtre, located on the rue des Réservoirs. This early 19th-century brasserie is decorated with the traditional Bordeaux coloured benches of the time and you can even read the dedications on the photos of the famous French actors stuck on the mirrors. These words are not there by accident: connected to the brasserie is the renowned Théâtre Montansier, which has conserved its blue room since the 18th-century.
For a little something sweet, before the visit to Versailles Castle, try Les Colonnes, at the place Hoche, a hand-made chocolate and sweet shop dating back to the thirties. Penetrate this sugary shop to get a taste of the traditional spirit of Versailles. 

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