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The Villette and beyond

The Villette and beyond

This stroll at the North-Eastern side of the city invites to discover masterpieces of contemporary architecture, lazy lawns and dynamic art centres.


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Follow the route up and down, up your desire.

La Villette and Beyond

Grand Parquet

The Villette and beyond

Enjoy La Villette Park - the biggest one in Paris - and its futuristic architecture. Take the time to discover the latest places dedicated to creation and sciences, as well as organic restaurants, trendy bars and underground concert halls. You'll discover the energy of the North-East of the city and its tremendous life.

Espace Canopy

Meet art and nature

Some years ago, the area around La Villette was low-key if not a danger zone. But the park and its various infrastructures have breathed a dynamic life to the district in a short time. Come and feel the energy of this up-and-coming neighbourhood.

Start your stroll at the Centquatre. It's the new place to be of Parisian cultural life, opened in October 2008 with a great success. This former municipal funeral home is a monumental arcade of bricks and stones, at n°104 rue d'Aubervilliers. (Riquet tube station) It's now dedicated to the living and contemporary arts and welcomes concerts, performances and fashion shows. It's also home to art studios, a few shops and a restaurant.

A few steps down on Rue d'Aubervilliers, check the Jardins d'Eole (Aeolus Gardens): these new gardens will invite you to an exotic journey among water plants and poppy fields. It welcomes many events at summertime, such as Sous la Plage (Under the Beach), an electro open-air festival.

On Rue du Département, the murals were painted by young locals, who worked for months to finish them. At n°20, you'll see a red and yellow big top: it's a travelling theatre, the Grand Parquet. It welcomes families for smart and playful performances.

You'll find another cultural centre nearby: the Espace Canopy, at 19, rue Pajol, gathers all kinds of activities from paintings to photo or sculpture, spoken word, poetry or video. The place works to gather public and artists for talks and debates.

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