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The Marais and beyond

Shopping, Art, Discovery...Let yourself be guided through the effervescent Marais, before taking an artistic pause at Beaubourg !


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Follow the route up and down, up your desire.

The Marais and beyond

La Place des Vosges

The Marais and beyond

Small cobblestone streets, private mansions and quiet gardens...It's in this area that fashion designers are artists have decided to set up shop.   A surprisingly vibrant atmosphere has emerged, right next to the Jewish quarter and the Gay quarter.
Opéra Bastille

From place to place

Let's start our visit to this historical area with a completely contemporary site. A red pavilion built inside a super design hangar:  la Maison rouge (The Red House) is a private foundation dedicated to showing contemporary art in all it's forms, from painting and photography to architecture, installations and plays. Situated at N°10 boulevard de la Bastille (Metro Quai de la Rapée), the foundation houses a famed restaurant, Le Transversal, where the young chef creates original dishes that blend art and gastronomy together.

To get to the place de la Bastille, walk along the river bank at  l'Arsenal, a small port for pleasure boats with a lovely garden that runs along the port. 

Have a drink on the terrace of the café, Les Grandes Marches, located right next to the Opéra Bastille.  From there you can see la Colonne de Juillet (July Column), with it's Liberty Genie on top. Turn your eyes to the new Paris Opera House, the meeting place of all Parisians. Before heading off to the shops, families, couples and young hipsters gather on the steps of the Opera.

Follow the crowd down the lively little streets across from the café. If you need a little energy, try a fresh juice at the Juicy Bar at the top of the rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine. This artery is known for its boutiques specialising in home design and furnishings.  Make a left onto the rue de Charonne, and adopt the Parisian look with some of the hottest designers.  Isabel Marant (N°16 rue de Charonne) French Trotters et Sessun (Both at N°30 rue de Charonne).

Turn left off the rue de Charonne and onto the legendary rue de Lappe. With its cafés, bars and music halls, this small cobble stone street transforms into a veritable night club once the sun goes down.  A little further on, discover the chic attitude at La Scène and Les Disquaires : two Parisian hotspots.

At the end of the rue de Lappe, take the rue Daval to the Boulevard Beaumarchais.  Walk up the boulevard until you reach the street,  rue du Pas-de-la-Mule. You can access the lovely gardens of the Place des Vosges by this small street.  An aristocratic square composed of 36 town houses made of stone and brick. A jewel of 17th-century architecture to contemplate, feet in the grass, from the garden lawns. La Maison de Victor Hugo (Victor Hugo's house) is located at N° 6. In addition to unveiling the souvenirs and the drawings of France's most famous author, notably for Les Miserables, who lived here for 16 years, the Museum offers a panoramic view of the Place des Vosges.

Wander beneath the arches to discover a host of contemporary art galleries. When you reach the N°7, cut through the passage to the Hôtel de Sully. This gorgeous mansion houses one of the collections from the Jeu de Paume, France's national photography museum. 

By taking the rue de Turenne, then the rue d'Ormesson, you will arrive at one of the most picturesque places in the capital: la Place du Marché Saint-Catherine (Saint-Catherine Market). With it's cobblestones, benches, trees and small restaurants decorated with Chinese lanterns...looks like the set of a film!

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