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The Latin Quarter

A lovely walk in the heart of the Latin Quarter that takes you along the banks of the river Seine, to the lively rue Mouffetard!


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Follow the route up and down, up your desire.

The Latin Quarter

Le wagg 

Le quartier latin

An intellectual neighbourhood! The name, « quarter Latin » (latin quarter), refers to the latin classes given here in the Middle Ages. Students at the Sorbonne, writers and intellectuals of all kinds continue to frequent the cafés, bookshops and artistic cinemas on the rue des Ecoles...When they take their noses out of their books, the local scholars can be found in the best restaurants, relaxing in the gardens, having a drink on the terrace or dancing on the rue Mouffetard.

Le Procope

Books, culinary creations and medieval gardens

To immerse yourself in this intellectual ambience, a visit to the very British bookshop, Shakespeare & Co., is a step in the right direction. From the metro station at Saint-Michel, walk along the banks of the Seine until you reach square Viviani, then turn right onto la rue de la Bûcherie, where a concentrated literary atmosphere surrounds the N°37. For a peaceful immersion into this academic fury, go upstairs to the first floor where you can lie down on one of the 'readers beds'.  Comfortably reclined, try to imagine the comings and goings of Alain Ginsberg, William Burroughs and all the other Beat writers that used to call Shakespeare & Co. home in the 1950's.
Go back across the square Viviani and take the infamous rue de la Huchette, known for it's mythic wine shop, le Caveau de la Huchette. 
A few feet away, Ze Kitchen Galerie proposes a true culinary voyage. To get there, cut across la place Saint-Michel and have a look at the two dragons spitting water into the fountains and the Parisian couples who meet up there. Head towards la rue St-André des Arts until you reach la rue des Grands-Augustins.  Ze Kitchen Galerie is located at N°4. In a design decor, the chefs delight their clients by preparing original dishes (mango bar fish, corn & maple syrup ice cream) in front of you.
In the mood for a temporal voyage? The oldest restaurant in Paris opens it's doors just a few numbers down. The Procope, named after it's owner Francesco Procopio, was founded in 1686 and welcomed famous figures from the French Revolution, Marat and Robespierre. Change of century for the trendy restaurant l'Alcazar.  A hip duplex restaurant, bar and gallery offers delicious food and good service, while the night-club WAGG (62 rue Mazarine) offers an interesting line-up of groups on the club circuit. 
Walk off your meal with a stroll in the medieval gardens of the Musée national du Moyen-âge (National Middle Ages Museum). This ravishing oasis, with an ancient vegetable garden, is located right behind the 15th-century mansion that houses the museum's collections. Follow la rue de l'Eperon to the other side of  the  church. Walk back along the boulevard Saint-Germain to the boulevard Saint-Michel, and you'll arrive at the metro station Cluny-la Sorbonne. 

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