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Saint-Sulpice - Montparnasse

Saint-Sulpice - Montparnasse

From posh Saint-Sulpice to Avant-Garde Montparnasse and historical Invalides, this route will tell you the secrets of the Left Bank.


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Follow the route up and down, up your desire.

Saint-Sulpice - Montparnasse

Place Saint-Sulpice

Saint-Sulpice - Montparnasse

Enjoy the fashionable district of Saint-Sulpice, beating with designers and delicatessens. Then, discover Montparnasse and its literary and artistic heritage. And later, enjoy a stroll in the historical Invalides. Beautiful lawns and nice alleyways will welcome you for a quiet time.


Fashion and delights in Saint-Sulpice

Start your route at Mabillon tube station. You'll be on rue du Four. In front of you, numerous middle-priced and nice designers wait for your visit: check Teenflo, Votre Nom, Et Vous, and Maje: the latest is a cult brand designed by Judith Milgrom.

At the corner of rue Bonaparte, don't miss the Italian elegance of Max Mara. At the opposite corner, a huge pharmacy is bustling all day long: it's one of the most popular Parisian drugstores, which sells anything from moisturizers to patches or toothbrushes at very fair prices. Check if you're not in need of some kind of products.

Rue Bonaparte is lined with highly-desirable brands: visit Lamarthe for its beautiful yet sturdy bags (at n°51), enjoy the Boho style of Ventilo clothing (at n°59) or the classical yet twisted offer of Comptoir des Cotonniers... If clothes aren't enough, this street is also famous for its Pierre Hermé cake shop. Don't miss the challenging experience of a Vinegar macaroon (like chips, but better...)

For a lunch, check the numerous eating houses of rue des Canettes: cafés, pancake houses or pizzerias only wait for your choice. A more luxurious cuisine can be found at gastro Japanese restaurant Tsukizi (at n°2 bis, rue des Ciseaux),which boasts one of the best sushis in Paris.

On Saint-Sulpice square, catholic shops displaying traditional ornamental figures from the Riviera a wide array of crosses will remind you the church you can see belongs to the traditionalist current. And yes, this church is the one that was depicted in the Da Vinci Code... to the great regret of its parishioners, who don't really agree with this very mundane fame. The square also displays the Yves-Saint-Laurent flagship store: enjoy the latest designs of Stefano Pilati, who now runs the fashion destiny of the couture house. Nearby, Annick Goutal is renowned for her fine perfumes.

At the left side of the church, you'll find the no logo yet multinational Muji, and Vanessa Bruno. This gifted designer has a fair success with fashionistas. If you choose to go to rue de Rennes, you'll find Miki House, a very nice shop for very nice babies.

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