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A few doors from Paris, discover the charm of this incomparable medieval city, classified as an historic world monument by Unesco.


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Follow the route up and down, up your desire.


Les remparts


Impressive ramparts, narrow streets, ancient stalls, knights in combat, mysterious underground caves, art galleries, pottery shops, gastronomic restaurants and a giant rose garden... Provins has turned its medieval heritage into a  « must-see » in the greater Parisian area.
Place du Chatêl

Place Chatel : home of medieval fairs

The large esplanade instantly evokes the legendary Champagne fairs of the 12th and 13th-centuries, where priests, counts, nobles and merchants all exchanged their grains, skins, animals, swords and other precious materials...

Situated in the heart of the city , the market place is now bordered by restaurants and shops. Don't miss the Galerie d'Es (6 de la place du Châtel), on your right, for traditional pottery, contemporary paintings and creative jewellery.

On the rue du Palais, the Maison du Terroir et de l'Artisanat, opens its doors to the public with a lovely interior courtyard and several boutiques. At the Carreau de Provins, you will see that the ornamental art of tile-making has caught up with modern times as the contemporary taste of the artists is reflected in their work, combining medieval knowledge with originality. Afterwards, enter the Merona Gallery: this painter-potter exhibits and sells her colourful paintings and her 'raw' pottery objects, much in demand. Don't miss the boutique De Contrée en Contrée for a turn in one of the many elegant costumes and dresses of the times. Elegant trains and high neck gowns for the women, high boots and flared sleeve coats for the men.

Before leaving these boutiques, ask for the « Pass Provins » at the annex to the tourist office: for 9 euros you can have access to the principal sights of the city.

You will find la Maison Romane on the rue du Palais: classified as an historical monument, it is one of the oldest buildings in the city.  It now houses the Museum of Provins and Provinois.  Sculpture, jewellery, furnishings, decorative tiles and curiosities from different periods: the museum presents the history of the medieval city and its surrounding region, from pre-historic times up through the 19th-century.

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