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Notre-Dame and beyond

Notre-Dame and beyond

This charming stroll will lead you in the historical heart of Paris : you'll discover some of the jewels of the Parisian heritage.


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Follow the route up and down, up your desire.

Notre-Dame and beyond

La Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame and its neighbourhood.

The historical heart of Paris is fiercely protected by the two branches of the river Seine : its two islands keep an extraordinary timeless atmosphere. This stroll will delight heritage lovers, Honey-Mooners, women of fashion and ice-cream fanatics.
La Cathédrale Notre-Dame

Spirituality and remembrance : Notre-Dame de Paris and the Shoah Memorial

Notre-Dame-de-Paris is a must-see. Its towers (69 m) and its spire (96 m) dominate the very heart of the city. Its front has undergone a major refurbishment a few years ago: today, it radiates an unbelievable splendour. Of course, it's an haven for spirituality, with regular services and also renowned organ concerts. But you don't have to be a Christian to climb its towers and admire the beautiful views over the river and the city, or to marvel at its stained-glassed windows. For a touch of French literary culture, you'll be able to tell your friends you saw the very settings of the eponymous Hugo's novel too!
In front of the cathedral, look for the compass rose: it indicates the starting point of all French roads. All distances from Paris are measured from this point.
Take a big breath and walk behind the Gothic monument. Below the Square de l'Ile-de-France, you'll discover the Shoah Memorial, dedicated to the 200 000 French victims of the Nazi camps, from the Jewish community including women and babies to Resistance fighters or homosexuals. Their deportation was helped by the French Vichy collaborationist government.
If you cross the river you reach the Left Bank.  You are only a few steps away from a famous and very good restaurant : L'Atelier de Maître Albert, which is one of the few addresses where to taste Guy Savoy's cooking secrets.

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