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Coulée verte and beyond

Coulée verte and beyond

The East side of Paris is green and quiet, Boho and trendy! Follow the guide!


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Follow the route up and down, up your desire.

Coulée verte and beyond

Coulée Verte

Coulée verte and beyond

Enjoy a long walk on the pedestrian zone bordered with trees known as "La coulee verte". Follow with the suburbs of Montreuil and Vincennes. Forget the traffic and enjoy the nature, while walking or biking, or even row on a small boat! This bucolic stroll is paved with cultural and trendy spots to enjoy too!
Viaduc des Arts

Up and Down - The Viaduc des Arts

The Viaduc des arts (the "Arts arches") follows a railway dating back from the second Empire - at about mid-Nineteenth Century. On its roof, you'll find the pedestrian zone known as "Coulée Verte " or "Promenade plantée", which goes through the 12th district up to Vincennes. Start your visit at the corner of Daumesnil and Ledru-Rollin avenues. You'll enjoy walking alongside hazel trees, weeping willows, cherry blossoms and bushes of roses.

Take a look at the traffic from 7 meters up: aren't you lucky? The walk is away from the bustle. Under the Promenade, the arches welcome craftsmen workshops. Check the VIA gallery, dedicated to top-notch contemporary design from lights to furniture. The Petit musée de l'argenterie (the Silversmith's Museum) will unveil to your attention a choice of homeware, from antique place settings to wine tasting-cups or snuffboxes.

Enjoy a late brunch at Café Jardin l'Arrosoir. Its "rural" setting coupled with a beautiful terrace and a nice mezzanine offer numerous seating options for a nice meal. You can also try the Viaduc Café, with its popular terrace and its good menu.

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