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Batignolles - Saint-Denis

Batignolles - Saint-Denis

An itinerary, full of contrasts, will help you see the North-West of Paris in a different light.


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Follow the route up and down, up your desire.

Batignolles Saint-Denis


Batignolles - Saint-Denis

From the trendy, bucolic atmosphere of the Batignolles area, to the pot-pourri of patrimony and exotic culture in Saint-Denis, passing by the effervescent musical scene of the Place de Clichy... The North-West of the capital reserves plenty of surprises! On foot, by bicycle or metro, discover a district  in constant mutation and full of contrasts.

Rue de Levis

Les Batignolles: nature, art and a village-like spirit

From the metro Villiers, walk along the rue de Levis. This pedestrian axe is bordered with charming little shops, like Oliviers & Co (quality Olive Oils), or Petit Bateau (children's clothing) and is also a gourmet sanctuary of fish shops, rotisseries and cheese shops, open 7 days a week. Take the time to admire the colourful market stalls, leaving to your right the rue des Dames.  The rue des Dames is punctuated with lovely restaurants, such as the Bistro des Dames, with its small planted terrace, not far from the convivial Russian table, La Gaieté Cosaque. One must admit, the area is full of good restaurants: Agapé, a little higher up, on the rue Jouffroy d'Abbans, is the new 'bistronomic' address, signed by three former students of Alain Passart (restaurant L'Arpège). At Porte Maillot, L'Orénoc (Meridien Hotel) serves a delicious fusion cuisine, while near to the place des Ternes, the very serious Rech - recently taken over by Alain Ducasse - is famous for its fresh seafood products, its camembert and its giant coffee eclair. If you don't have room for a heavy lunch, take a moment to try one of the delicious pastries at L'Ecureuil, found at the end of the rue Lévis.

Also newly revisited, take the rue Cardinet on your right, to the Pont Cardinet Train Station and to the Clichy-Batignolles Park, large green place in the North-West of Paris. When crossing the bridge, you can see to your left a large abandoned area. In 2010, tree-lined aisles will line the way through this urban renovation project, mixing ecological commercial and residential structures of the new generation. In the meantime, the Batignolles district has already dedicated itself to welcoming sustainable development, for one of three Biological Markets takes place every Saturday morning along the Boulevard des Batignolles!

Once across the Cardinet bridge, you are now in front of the Batignolles Square.  If you like birds, ducks and black swans... take a walk through this English garden, complete with a cave, a waterfall and a river!  In the some country flavour, don't miss the magnificent white church that sits just behind the square, on the rue de Legendre. You can browse the biological boutique, Biocoop at number 153.

Afterwards, to satisfy your picturesque soul, take a moment to stop by the workshop Kej, located in a building giving onto the square.  The area is extremely dynamic as far as ecology and arts go: between the rue de Legendre, the rue des Batignolles and the avenue de Clichy, there are more than fifteen galleries and workshops!  Paris-Ateliers Adac (61 rue de Legendre) is specialised in the restoration of old paintings. The gallery, Antigravité, (n° 80) exhibits jewellery, paintings and photographic mobiles. The decorative spirit also has a place on this street,  with interior decorator Aleth Vignon (n° 98) working with vegetal fibres, and the Japanese influenced shop Home Trotter (n° 77).

Need to catch your breath after all this beauty?  Make a quick stop at the restaurant-bar Les Puces des Batignolles for a terrific week-end brunch or wine on a string (the bottle is opened before you, but you only pay for what you drink). At the cross-roads of the rue Nollet, take a sharp right to find the Atelier Nollet and the Galerie Espace (n°1 & 1 ter) and the Madar Décors workshop (n° 4).  In the evening, these well-known or unknown addresses are home to the local crowds and bring an authentic feeling to the area.

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