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Kate Gamble

Paris is a pleasant city to live in: it is a capital of human dimensions, and there is always something to see or do.


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Paris Ile-de-France as seen by...

Kate Gamble

Paris Ile-de-France as seen by... Kate Gamble

Paris is a pleasant city to live in: it is a capital of human dimensions, and there is always something to see or do.

Kate Gamble, a Londoner, has lived in Paris for the last six years. She received us in her new apartment, a sweet home in the heart of the artistic and touristic effervescence of the Beaubourg quarter.

How was your arrival in Ile-de-France?

I arrived in Paris the day after the World Cup final in 1998... I found a celebratory Paris, people dancing and singing, music everywhere. Even though I knew that France had just won the final, I didn’t immediately make the connection... I thought that I had arrived in a country of madmen.
My love for Paris revealed itself very soon after that. I was walking along Boulevard Raspail, close to the Luxembourg gardens. It was the beginning of autumn, the trees had taken on a pretty orange colour, the skies were blue and it was cold... At that moment, it dawned upon me: I thought to myself that I could not live my life anywhere other than Paris!

Autumn... Is it your favourite season?
Autumn in Paris is absolutely magical. There is a real feeling that everyone has just returned from their summer holidays. Everything is new, the city becomes very lively, there are many things to do, like meeting with friends again over a hot chocolate in a café... It is an atmosphere that I adore.

Is there a place that you consider as being particularly unusual?

The Ourcq canal: it has a special atmosphere, it feels like you are in a village! It has a young and relaxed feel to it. The people walk along the water’s edge, some play boules... You can even picnic on a sort of floating wooden platform.

Stroll on the Seine

Your favourite pastime?

As soon as I can find the time, I head for the market. The Raspail and Batignolles markets are my favourites. Not only because they are biological, but simply because the atmosphere is very relaxed. I go there for the pleasure of the walk, even when I don’t need to buy anything!
I recommend the potato, onion and cheese cakes: they are cooked right in front of you and you can eat it as you walk through the stands. Delicious!

Which places would you recommend to tourists that want to go off the beaten track?
North-east Paris: for the canals, Buttes-Chaumont, Boulevard Gambetta... It is really something different from the main shopping boulevards. Outside Paris, I often go to walk in Versailles with my friends, especially in the park. You can sit down on the grass and talk: it is the perfect place to relax, with plenty of space, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

What is your latest discovery?
The restaurant Aux Tables du Père-Lachaise, at 44 Boulevard du Ménilmontant: the team really takes care of you... They came up with a superb special salad just for me as I am a vegetarian.

What can be found in Paris Ile-de-France that cannot be found anywhere else?

The cultural offering: the activities, concerts, exhibitions, events are never ending. Paris has a way of making everything look prettier. I am thinking, for example, of the music festival in June: it is an exceptional moment. There are also the beautiful photo exhibitions on the railings of the Jardin du Luxembourg, with the explanations in French and English: a particular attention to tourists!


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