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Follow the route up and down, up your desire.

World Culture

No need for a passport if you want to discover new cultures: the whole world meets in Paris ! Welcome in exotic surroundings, without the jet-lag!

Paris and its area welcome the whole world ! With more than 130 nationalities, the city offers a dynamic mix of inhabitants! For example, in Evry, a contemporary town vibrating thanks to its numerous communities, you'll find five different religious monuments. The markets of Montreuil and Saint-Denis bustle with patrons of all colours and cultures. For a taste of this multicultural reality, just board for a world tour without leaving the city : India waits for you at La Chapelle, Africa beats at Château-Rouge, Asia invades Belleville and the XIIIth district, but also in Ivry and Alfortville...


A land of the rising sun has taken the streets between the Opéra-Garnier and the Louvre. Konnichiwa!

Maison de la culture du Japon

L'Afrique à Paris, c'est d'abord une communauté d'une grande variété, originaire de différents pays d'Afrique noire et du Maghreb. Ce sont aussi des lieux hauts en couleurs comme la Goutte d'Or, Barbès et Belleville. Dépaysement garanti !

Paris offers three different Chinatowns: one is the well-known XIIIth district, another is a more recent settlement in Belleville, and the last is a very discreet area near Rue au Maire. Each of them relates to different nationalities, from Cambodia to North-East China. At the outskirts of the city, Ivry and Alfortville also gather strong communities. For a taste of Asia, follow the guide!

Take a passage to India ! From Faubourg-Saint-Denis to Brady, smell heavy incenses and curries, and feel dazzled by colourful saris and golden Ganeshes!

What could be Paris, if not its museums? Enjoy the magnificent showcases it offers to arts and civilizations.

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