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Experience new Paris 2015

Nightlife and celebration in Paris Region

From festivals to nightclubs, there are places for all celebration tastes in Paris.


With music, dance, street art festivals and more, Paris hosts a growing variety of celebrations. Featuring big names such as the Pixies, Amy Winehouse, Oasis and Lana Del Rey, the Rock en Seine festival needs no introduction: for 3 days, the Domaine National de Saint-Cloud is transformed into a major event to finish the summer to the tune of good old rock 'n roll in an exceptional setting.


The landscape of festivals is also being renewed, with an emphasis on urban cultures. The highlight of this year will undoubtedly be the 10th anniversary of the Paris Hip Hop Festival, where over 2500 artists have already performed, including Nas, Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill. From the banks of the Seine to the most alternative venues, this anniversary will be punctuated with pleasant surprises. 

Villette street festival

In terms of renewal in the landscape of festivals, the Weather Festival is only celebrating its 3rd edition but has quickly become an essential gathering place for fans of electronic music, with the very best international and French artists performing in original settings such the Arab World Institute and Le Bourget Airport in 2014. Along the same lines, the Villette Street Festival, the latest addition to the line-up of street culture festivals, is back for its 2nd edition with an XXL version in La Villette, which has hosted, among other things, the Pitchfork since 2011.

Cocktail bars

The cocktail-bar trend was confirmed with the first edition of Paris Cocktail Week in January, with no less than fifty or so participating bars, restaurants and other eclectic venues. Of the countless cocktail bars that have opened in the capital these last few years, three stand out as defenders of French spirits – a real French revolution is taking place, in the honor of Cognac, Armagnac, Breton whiskey, Burgundy gin and Calvados. Today, French know-how is also reflected in the French “art of drinking”, a new concept artfully combining the American invention of cocktails with the French alcohol heritage (the Frenchified term “coquetels” is used).



Parisian nightlife is constantly changing. In the wake of institutions such as the Rex Club, a temple of Parisian nightlife, Concrete, the capital's hottest nightclub, and Silencio, an exclusive members' club, DJs on the rising French and international scene can be found at Monseigneur, Electric, Faust and Ekō, which made their appearance in the fall of 2014.

All the way to the gates of Paris at the temporary nightclub Tunnel Club, Parisian collectives also give rhythm to nightlife in Greater Paris in unusual, alternative venues with activity culminating in the summer.  

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