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Experience your new Paris


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Experience New Paris 2015

Follow the route up and down, up your desire.

Experience new Paris 2015

Experience your new Paris

Arts, shopping, gastronomy, walking tours, urban sports, nightlife and festivals: the Paris Region experience is multifaceted and constantly being reinvented.

The bold designs of the Louis Vuitton Foundation to the West and the Philharmonie de Paris to the East have refined tourist Paris. The opening of the Philharmonie de Paris, a unique music facility, has confirmed the buoyancy of Eastern Paris, which has been full of excitement these last few years, and given it a new emblem. The installation of the first Generator Hotel in this sector is hardly anecdotal.

In this changing city, Parisians are rediscovering an industrial heritage that has been adapted and converted to provide attractive places to live.Gastronomy remains a sphere of experimentation and creation, largely influenced by eco-responsible practices and the “French Touch”, reflected through brands with growing reputations, has revived elegance à la française. Paris and the region are full of new experiences, judge rather through the arts, celebrated in all their diversity with urban cultures figuring prominently and the multiple facets of this renewed Paris where the latest trends are being expressed in these ideas of discovery. Follow the route!

A fast-changing Paris region

Abandoned train stations and warehouses, now revived, are trendy, multidisciplinary venues popular among Parisians. They animate the cultural and artistic life of the capital's North-East neighborhoods. Choose the one you prefer!

Entrée du Generator

Paris is known for its history, museums and exceptional sites, but it is no sleeping beauty; rather, it is resolutely modern. In the image of the recent Louis Vuitton Foundation - place of culture and boldness -, here are all the places where contemporary architecture can be found.

Paris is the capital of gastronomy, now more than ever before. This is where fine restaurants prepare light dishes with local organic products, food trucks offer regional specialties or deliver fresh meals made by great chefs, and pastry chefs create new flavors. And since in Paris, “eating well” is central to French art de vivre, discovering the boutiques and new food destinations such as Lafayette Gourmet and La Grande Epicerie where Parisians buy their products is part of the gourmet experience!

From festivals to nightclubs, there are places for all celebration tastes in Paris.

Paris is the capital of fashion as well as the European leader for shopping, which is the number 2 activity of visitors to the city. Luxury, haute couture boutiques can be found alongside small designer shops, department stores and flea markets. There are always new places to shop in Paris.

The Paris Region is full of good ideas for everyone who enjoys sports, parks or outdoor strolls. With its trails, events and unusual adventures, the Paris Region is an open-air discovery zone.

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