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Contemporary art

Painting, sculpture, installations, photography, video art...


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Où voir l'art contemporain en Ile-de-France

Follow the route up and down, up your desire.


Contemporary Art in Paris Ile-de-France

Where to see contemporary art in Paris Ile-de-France

Painting, sculpture, installations, photography, video art...

The contemporary art of no other European region can be compared to that of Paris Ile-de-France. It’s everywhere: in the principal institutional temples to culture, in specialised venues, in laboratories bustling with experimentation, in art school galleries, for major events such as the Fiac and even in public spaces with works commissioned by the State and local authorities. Here are the main places to find it in.

Centres for contemporary art

In Paris and the Ile-de-France’s major museums, 20th century and modern-day artists have an official place, either in their permanent collections or in temporary exhibitions.

Guide contemporary art

There are many places where you can see experimentation in contemporary art. While some of them remain within the realms of plastic arts, most of their programmes include other fields such as music, dance, cinema and video.

Many art schools have an art gallery. Far from being just a simple space in which to show the work of their students, these schools often organise innovative exhibitions, questioning the specificity of contemporary practices.

Paris Ile-de-France is a particularly splendid showcase for photography, the darling of contemporary art, both in terms of preservation and new trends. Here are the main venues and events where the photo reigns.

Collectively known as Laboratories, none of these diverse venues have their own collections. On the contrary, they see themselves as refuges where artists, musicians, dancers, choreographers and film-makers can work.

Paris Ile-de-France moves to the rhythm of major internationally-renowned events. Trade fairs, exceptional exhibitions and large-scale public events are proof of contemporary art’s vitality.

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