Concerts in Paris Île-de-France Fri, 20 Apr 2018 10:39:46 +0200 en <![CDATA[Kendji Girac]]>
Kendji Girac is now on a tour to defend his first album.]]>
![CDATA[]] <![CDATA[Roger Hodgson]]>
Roger Hodgson, former founding member of Supertramp, has pursued his solo career in the studio and on stage.]]>
![CDATA[]] <![CDATA[Luke]]>
Luke have returned with a fifth album, “Pornography”, which they are defending on stage.]]>
![CDATA[]] <![CDATA[Louane]]>
From “The Voice” to the Césars, and not forgetting recording studios, Louane, a complete artist, is defending her album “Chamber 12” on stage.]]>