Events in Paris Île-de-France Mon, 20 Nov 2017 18:07:59 +0100 en <![CDATA[Hubert Robert (1733-1808)]]>
The Louvre pays tribute to the work of painter Hubert Robert through a selection of his major works.]]>
![CDATA[]] <![CDATA[L'Art et l'enfant – Masterpiece of French painting]]>
This exhibition will focus on the place of the child in French masterpiece painting.]]>
http://en.visitparisregion.com <![CDATA[The Great Musical Waters]]> http://en.visitparisregion.com
Discover the gardens of the château de Versailles a new way: with the Great Musical Waters.]]>
![CDATA[]] <![CDATA[Douanier Rousseau – archaic innocence]]>
Several paintings by this naïve art painter, famous for his jungle scenes, have been gathered together for this great exhibition.]]>
![CDATA[]] <![CDATA[Air, the Expoinspires]]>
An exhibition that does not lack air, at the Exploradôme!]]>
![CDATA[]] <![CDATA[The new Musée d'Orsay]]>
From late 2012, the Musée d'Orsay has been revamped. The creation of new spaces allows accommodating ever more masterpieces.]]>
![CDATA[]] <![CDATA[La Grenouillère at the time of the Impressionists]]>
Discover this charming museum which reopens after having moved.]]>
![CDATA[History]] <![CDATA[Antoine Schneck: unknown soldiers]]>
The photographer Antoine Schneck is honoured in this exhibition in which he pays tribute to 18 unknown soldiers during the Great War.]]>