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Oxmo Puccino

It’s a new album and a new tour for Oxmo Puccino.


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Concerts - Hip-Hop

Oxmo Puccino

It’s a new album and a new tour for Oxmo Puccino.

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Casino de Paris

He didn’t steal his nickname from “Black Jacques Brel”. For more than twenty years, Oxmo Puccino has sublimated French rap with his sensitivity, his poetic lyrics, his delicate flow and his sense of humour which is like no other. “Talent is the audacity which others don’t have” is just one of his most famous punchlines. A figurehead of hip-hop at the Hexagone, respected by everybody, the artist is on the road again to present his new album, titled The Milky Voice.

After enjoying a musical getaway with the trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf on the album Alice in Wonderland, Oxmo Puccino is now back to the serious things. While his new show will revolve around his latest album, there is no doubting that the rapper will take this chance to perform some of the songs which earned him his reputation, such as Mama Lova, The Only Child or I’m sick on the mic.

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