58 Tour Eiffel

For a uniquely Parisian dinner, halfway between earth and sky, the 58 Eiffel Tower is the restaurant that cannot be ignored.

Tour Eiffel, Champs-Elysées et ouest Parisien


Lunch menu : 17.5 € / 22.5 €
Dinner menu : 65 € / 80 € / 125 €


Situated 95 meters above ground, the former "Altitude 95" is going to be called 58 Tour Eiffel from now on. For the 120th anniversary of the Iron Lady, the restaurant was entirely rethought and redecorated. At lunchtime the customers can order at the bar and take their plate to their table, in the style of a luxurious take-away restaurant. In the evening one finds a more traditional menu and atmosphere.

Practical Info

, Tour Eiffel, Premier Etage, Champ de Mars
75007 Paris